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Interested in participating in the Hedera Hashgraph Ambassador program? Get more information here!

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The Hedera Hashgraph Ambassador Program

About the Hedera Hashgraph Ambassador Program

The Hedera Hashgraph Ambassador program is a critical part of Hedera’s community outreach and education. Our Ambassadors are the face of Hedera in the community and as such are regularly engaged with their local community in a variety of ways helping to educate and inform developers, technologists, business leaders, investors, crypto-enthusiasts - anyone with an interest in hashgraph. We are extremely humbled by and proud of the enthusiasm our Ambassadors pour into their activities to help raise awareness of hashgraph and drive interest and participation in the Hedera network.

What type of background do Hedera Hashgraph Ambassadors have?

Our Ambassadors come from all backgrounds and specialty areas. We are incredibly fortunate to have individuals with professional experience and expertise in development, consulting, academic, research, business, finance, etc. This is what makes our program such an incredible asset for the community. Our Ambassadors are able to reach and engage a diverse audience thanks to the diverse experience they bring to the program. The one thing they all have in common is a strong belief in hashgraph and Hedera and a strong sense of sharing this within their local community.  

What are the requirements for being a Hedera Hashgraph Ambassador?

We do ask that our Ambassadors commit to an annual level of activity in the program. These efforts help to ensure a consistent level of engagement with the community and also help to support the same efforts of your fellow Ambassadors. Please review these commitments below:

Ambassador Criteria*:

  • 4 hosted/co-hosted Hedera meetups per year minimum

    • 1-year mark is 1 year from Ambassador onboarding date

  • Present about Hedera Hashgraph at an outside/non-Hedera meetup (recorded if applicable)

  • Partner with a local meetup group or groups for cross promotion (eg, blockchain groups, developer groups, student blockchain clubs, crypto-investor groups, etc.)

  • Host a Hedera event in your local area (as needed, eg, hackathon, roadshow, corporate, etc.)

  • Consistent participation in discussion forum areas on

  • Posting one blog post per quarter on

  • Participation in the various Hedera Telegram channels as appropriate

*Note: We understand that some of our Ambassadors reside in areas where some of these criteria may be difficult to achieve. Therefore we work closely with these individuals to ensure that their participation in the program, and community engagement, are supported and recognized.

Interested in becoming a Hedera Hashgraph Ambassador and want to learn more?

If you are interested in the Hedera Hashgraph Ambassador program, start by accessing and filling out our Hedera Hashgraph Ambassador Application. Upon completion one of our community team members will contact you directly and set up a call where you can speak with our internal support team. We look forward to speaking with you!


  • sneakyraptorsneakyraptor Posts: 1
    ❤🧟‍♂️ Hedera Hashgraph 
  • kbereykberey Posts: 1
    edited September 17

    I'm Interested on this.

  • JeremyTeoJeremyTeo Posts: 2 mod
    edited September 18
    Hi there, 

    This is Jeremy Teo from Singapore. Im very keen and also able to commit. I will be able to promote Hash graph togather with my group of people. 

    Hope to hear from you soon. 

    Telegram ID :J88798 
  • JHoeyJHoey Posts: 1

    I am Elbert Joey J. Tano, from Valencia City, Bukidnon, Philippines. It is a great priviledge to be part of this great company and be one of the ambassadors. 
    Hoping for your positive approval. 
    Blessed Day!
  • JeremyTeoJeremyTeo Posts: 2 mod
    Yes it's definitely a honour of us. 

    I'm the founder of SHARE ALLIANCE PTE LTD(Singapore) I have setup this organisation because I'm strongly encouraged by the Founders of Hedera

    I believe the FUTURE is here . The main objectives of our company is to groom the next leaders and also to empower people by this revolution technology of Hash graph.

    Looking forward to be seeing the management team of Hedera here in Singapore real soon.

    We will be doing our part to spread and educate Singaporean here about Hash Graph as The Singapore Ambassador, building a greater success for everybody.

    Happy Sharing the Future, 
    CEO & Founder of SHARE 
  • jljones534jljones534 Posts: 3 mod
    Hi everyone, I have been an ambassador for Hedera off and on. Due to my experience with the community in my area, my attempts to start organizing a Meetup has been rough. It seems like there isn't much of an interest in the state of Michigan. Does anybody have connections or network partners that may be willing to do a meetup of some sort. It doesn't have to be in the area I live in directly I will travel if necessary. I live close the capital, in the East Lansing area. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get. 

    Justin Jones
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