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What is Realm in Hedera Hashgraph?

ArvydasDabulskisArvydasDabulskis modPosts: 34 mod
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What is the Realm and how it works in Hedera Hashgraph?

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  • CalvinChengCalvinCheng mod Posts: 1 mod
    Accepted Answer
    Smart contracts will execute within a realm. 

    In Ethereum, smart contract methods are executed in series causing locking of all state until they’re completed.

    So for Hedera, realms are a way to allow smart contracts to exist within what they perceive to be the whole of the ledger; as such, smart contract methods will be able to execute in parallel so long as the smart contracts are in different realms.

    This implies that all accounts affected by a smart contract must be within that realm, which has its own knock-on effects.
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