Permission Problem

You don't have permission to do that.


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TENSY was the 3rd place winner of the Hedera Hashgraph global hackathon out of the Moscow location. This was submitted by Savva Antoniuk and Alexey Polo.


Project description:

Global decentralized p2p educational platform based on collaborative learning and flexible crypto economy



Our vision is that knowledge dissemination is a need as fundamental as knowledge acquisition. However, education in the traditional system is like a breath in without breathing out. It's absolutely inefficient and irrelevant given today's social and technological level.


Value proposition:

The unique feature of our platform is that there is no artificial segregation between students, teachers, administrations and departments. Every user is a student as well as a teacher and participates in the educational process fully and entirely. If any student is stuck at some step, he/she can request a lesson with another student who has already passed it and then teaches other users.


Github Link:



See an overview from the team as well as how it works in their attached presentation.

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