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Proof of Life was the 1st place winner of the Hedera Hashgraph global hackathon out of the Paris location. This was submitted by Parfait Burundi, Mehdi Chamouma, Noureldin Hassan, and Patrice Auclair.


Project description:

Proving a person is alive through validation of identity by comparing two voices: one from a phone call and another as stored in HASHGRAPH.



Pensioners Proof of Life is needed to get payments. Forms are sent to them and sent back to Management centers signed by a legal authority. This process can take up to 4 weeks. By Leveraging HG, we won't reduce that time to seconds: 1-we record a voice -2 we link it to a personal identity -3 we compare each incoming call voice with voices on HG to validate identity and thus proof of life.


Value proposition:

This DAPP would be of a universal usability: in each country proof of life is required for pensioners to get payments. This DAPP would represent a save of time for pensioners (just a call instead of several trips) and a save of money for pensioners management centers all over the world: Less human resources to handle the process.


Video Demo:



See an overview from the team as well as how it works in their attached presentation.

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