Permission Problem

You don't have permission to do that.


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Coloreen was the 3rd place winner of the Hedera Hashgraph global hackathon out of the Pairs location. This was submitted by Mourad Kejji, Geoffrey Merran, Eli Gonzalez, and Adrien C.


Project description:

Decentralized Fairplay power for competitive real-time games Demo : Choose a color, team up with your friends and battle for cube domination.



When hundreds of thousands of players come to swarm a game server, small yet critical data corruption can occur. Very often, many players think they were the first to execute an action and the server usually settles the matter the easy way sometimes changing the outcome of the game. Furthermore, eSport tournament's growing prizes can push some to cross the fairness line, and penalties come often late.


Value proposition:

With Hedera Hashgraph's powerful consensus protocol and precise timestamped record or transactions, any game producer can push a set of rules to be observed and let their server trust the wise arbitrage of Coloreen. 3 different API's (Producer Campaign rules editor, Game Server Arbitrage, and Unified Gamer ID Reputation Wall) ensure Game popularity stays higher over time and fairness incentivization. 


See an overview from the team as well as how it works in their attached presentation.

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