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Hedera18 Highlight - Team Vera and Team H X

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This story was written by Jackie Zhan. Jackie was a winner at the Hedera18 Hackathon.

Team Vera and Team HX‘s Blog

3rd and 1st Place Team from San Francisco

Initially, Kent and I were supposed to work on a separate idea which involved enterprise applications of Hedera Hashgraph in the supply chain. However, both Kent and I also had many separate ideas in regards to the things we wanted to use in our daily lives. Kent does a lot of in-person side gigs in terms of selling secondary products and I did a ton of non-profit advocacy gigs in terms of education and racial equality rights. 

This is how the concept of Vera and H X came in place. Vera is a charity platform that allows one to earn cryptocurrency in exchange for micro-nonprofit services and HX is a decentralized marketplace that allows anyone to trade assets in a secondary market. Since both Kent and I are experienced programmers with lots of hacking experience, we decided to split up for once and test our skills to create the products individually. 

It was super fun, we were able to individually push ourselves to really learn the Hedera Hashgraph's platform and truly understand Hedera Hashgraph's strengths. Some amazing features that we discovered really involved provability and the timestamping feature of the hashgraph. The biggest challenge we had was some bugs regarding the testnet which was eventually resolved due to the diligence of Hedera's strong tech team.

When we won, we were super ecstatic! Not only we got to both really improve our skills and understanding of Hedera Hashgraph as a platform, but also it allowed us to gain a strong network in Hedera and port our current project into the Hedera Hashgraph's ecosystem. Moving forward from the hackathon, we understand the best features that Hedera Hashgraph provide is in the speed and predictable performance of the platform, an advantage over other blockchain infrastructure. The fast consensus and timestamping open up application use cases which are dependent on accurate order of events. Also, the full solidity support allowed us to easily jump into smart contract development, and the potential to port existing ones. 

These features add great value to our current company: Armada Chain ( Armada is the first platform that allows companies to share supply chain components to create optimized supply chains, with data facilitated over DLT. Hedera Hashgraph provides advantages such as timestamping, speed and scalability, which serve as core attributes to our enterprise product. Moving forward, Armada Chain, led by both the Vera team and the H X team would be applying to the Hedera Helix Accelerator hoping to collaborate with top enterprise clients as well as grow this platform for mass adoption in this multi-billion dollar market. Having the ability for corporations to trustfully collaborate and optimize routes would increase the efficiency of supply chains and also save millions of dollars.
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