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Hedera Hashgraph Smart Contracts

rharbourrharbour Posts: 1

We’re excited to share the launch of a first set of smart contracts for Hedera Hashgraph. These have been open sourced and made available for all members of the Hashgraph community in the following GitHub repository:

Our goal in writing and publishing these contacts is to further development and adoption of the Hashgraph protocol. We’re big believers in Hashgraph and its potential to transform so many applications, businesses, verticals and entire ecosystems. We want to help accelerate its growth.

The contracts have been written with an eye toward providing developers and users alike with use cases for a number of different applications – with a strong emphasis on simplicity and usability.  Users of the contracts can make bets, perform simple arithmetic, hold money in escrow, buy tokens, and execute trustless transactions. The contracts are meant to be deployed and used by people of all experience ranges. They are not modular, nor are they intended to be. Instead they are meant to work out-of-the-box for anyone who wants to deploy and use the contracts without much technical overhead.

The contracts are also written to take advantages of the speed and efficiency advantages provided by Hashgraph over other protocols. More specifically, these contracts are written with the following advantages in mind:

  • Faster transactions
  • Lower fees
  • Hashgraph’s unique network and abilities

Hopefully, these contracts will serve as an onramp for people to use the Hedera Hashgraph platform in a smooth and seamless way.

Our ask of all of you in the Hashgraph community is to kick the tires – check out the repo, access the contracts, test them, provide feedback, propose changes, and help us ensure they are battle tested and scalable for as many use cases as possible. Your input is invaluable. We’ll continue to make refinements to these contracts, and release others, as Hashraph communicates new details (like the recent post regarding mutable binding-arbitration) and expands support for smart contracts in the coming months. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Small note of thanks: these contracts are the result of collaboration between Shane Fontaine and the AxiomLevel team. Special thanks to this group for their hard work and contributions! 


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