Permission Problem

You don't have permission to do that.

How Hashgraph Works: A Simple Explanation with Pictures!

This video, delivered by Dr. Leemon Baird, the inventor of the hashgraph algorithm, provides an excellent overview of:

* What is hashgraph
* How it functions
* How consensus is reached
* Security and achieving aBFT
* How fairness is ensured
* and more

Dr. Baird delivers this overview in a visual and engaging way!


  • tommybrooktommybrook Posts: 6
    I really need help out here.
    I tried to pair my wallet by following the instructions given to test the mainnet. However, My Google Chrome extension wallet keeps telling me: "network error or wrong activation code". I am using my home private network by the way for both my phone and computer device. I went to my neighbour to use his private WIFI network, but it still did not work. 
    Please help. 
  • tommybrooktommybrook Posts: 6
    Problem solved. It took several separated attempts within 12 hours period using the same private WIFI network for it to work. 
  • JuanJuan Posts: 5
    I have been doing the same thing for a week and no luck. my activation code was a single number.... 9,seems like thats incorrect??
  • Lore87Lore87 Posts: 1
    Ho bisogno di aiuto. Non riesco a sincronizzare il wallet con il portale. Non mi carica le 5h per iniziare. Cosa sto sbagliando?
  • @Lore87

    perdona il mio italiano - sto usando google traduttore. Penso che potrebbe essere necessario aggiungere manualmente l'ID account nel portafoglio. ecco un link con un passo dopo passo di questo processo: 
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