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Testnet access code?

JRFletcherJRFletcher Posts: 8 mod
edited December 2018 in Hedera Q & A
What is the testnet access code?  Is this different from the HBAR Card unlock code and Hedera Hbar Card number? 

STEP 1: Go to to create a profile and complete your ID verification.

STEP 2: You'll receive an email with HBAR mainnet card activation instructions. 

After compliance approved my ID verification, I am now being asked to enter a testnet access code.  I did not receive an email with further instructions.  Am I supposed to now request a different code?

"Hedera is rolling out testnet access on a case-by-case basis. Please fill out the form below.."

Do I still need to do this even though I was at Hedera 18 and received a card?


  • MiriamLiapiMiriamLiapi Posts: 95 mod
    Does this video help? (  
    If not, the best way to get quick answers is to use @... (and the name of the person you address the question). Sorry I can't help more. 
  • JRFletcherJRFletcher Posts: 8 mod
    @MiriamLiapi thank you for reminding me of the video.  The portal is down for maintenance but I will look again when it is back up.  Maybe it wasn't just me having issues  :/
  • Brady GentileBrady Gentile Posts: 3 admin
    Hi @JRFletcher

    >What is the testnet access code?  Is this different from the HBAR Card unlock code and Hedera Hbar Card number?  
    The testnet access code is the code provided to developers in order to start building their applications using the Hedera SDK on a Hedera test network.

    The HBAR card unlock (or HBAR mainnet early access card), which looks like the one on the left side of this page, is for access to the Hedera mainnet and to join the community testing program and earn up 4,000 HBAR (or 8,000 if you were an early registrant). It was received at Hedera18 and can be entered as soon as the community testing program goes live.

    Please check out the Hedera FAQ for more information: 
  • damiandamian Posts: 1
    Hi, I have problem because during creation of my account I had few hours break. Now when I try to use the same code which i get via text msg, I can't finish creation of my account. I get notification: "Access code 6***** is invalid or has been used. Please contact support". How can I fix it?
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