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Hedera18 Highlight - Team Latpay

This story was written by John Kwok. John was a winner at the Hedera18 Hackathon.
Team s Latpay's Blog - 2nd Place Team from Singapore

Team Merlions (Latpay)

Our project
Currently, payment gateway companies like Latpay have compliance issues with GDPR as they
cache large amounts of end-consumer credit card information. We have created a solution to
relieve companies of the burden of holding credit card information by putting it up on the public
ledger, and at the same time giving the consumers’ security and direct control of their own
credit cards data.

Personal expectations, experience, and challenges at the event.
I have been following the project since Oct 2017 way before the public ledger was
announced and have been an ambassador for hashgraph in Singapore since Nov 2017. I just
wanted to participate and try the platform out for myself and get to know more people in the
space. The experience was wonderful. As it was my first time at a hackathon, I enjoyed making
new friends and focusing on a singular goal for 2 days.

I took leave from school hoping to learn about the new DLT and meet people and I’m glad that it
was worth it! This was my very first hackathon, so I did not expect to win anything at all. I am
glad to have met John, Thirlok, and Senthilkumar on the first day, and be able to come up with a
creative solution for an actual business problem that Thirlok experiences in his line of work. The
greatest challenge was with making the API work, but fortunately, we had Calvin to guide us
every step of the way.

First experience with the SDK
All of us either didn’t have professional programming experience or have lost touch with coding
skills. As a result, we had a rather hard time fiddling with the SDK and getting our APIs to work.
Fortunately, our Singapore-based Hedera developer Calvin Cheng was there to aid us in getting
our code to work.

The process of selecting the final concept
Initially, both John and Thirlok had ideas for the team. John wanted to use the DLT to give
control of bank depositors’ money back to the bank depositors’ themselves. Thirlok wanted a
way to deal with GDPR compliance issues with storing secure credit card numbers in his
company’s system, and a solution to detect credit card fraud. After some discussion, we settled
on solving Thirlok’s GRPR problem as it is an actual business need.

Reaction to winning
We were glad to have been put in second place in the competition. All the teams had decent
ideas, so it was a rather tough battle.
If you’ll continue to work on it, if it is open sourced, etc.

We are currently in the midst of preparing to pitch to Helix accelerator. Whether it will be open
sourced is to be decided later.


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    Congratulations to John and his team. Can't imagine what they could have done, if they had more experience. :)   
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