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What will be your behaviour if you can Hbar token as a payment method

frankzhou26frankzhou26 Posts: 1
During the recent joint announcement between Hedera and Zeux, Hbar token holders soon can use Hbar to pay in their day to day expenses.

Now it is of course very exciting development. It is interesting to know what people's spending behaviour will be once it is available in the market. Here is a short survey with 4 question. (Only 4 questions!) Your answers will be heard to help us to better develop our product!

Thanks for taking your time!


  • nicole123nicole123 Posts: 1
    It is really interesting to use crypto currency to pay the bills. Which kind of currency can I get when I activate my account and choose to get cash back? Fiat currency or Crypto currency?
  • seansean Posts: 1

    All-in-one fiat and crypto app? A very interesting project indeed. Have been keeping an eye on Hedera network for a while and happy to see more and more potential HBAR adoption in real life. When will I get access to this functionality this year? 

  • @nicole123 - great question! It will be up to the exchange(s) on which we get listed as to how you will be able to convert your HBAR (whether to fiat or crypto - or both). Let me know if this answers your question.
  • @Sean - we will have announcements about this once after open access of the network. If you are looking to test some of the current capabilities of the network and/or test any projects, try out the community testing program (more information here: 
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