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Lost backup phrases to my wallet

bpabpa Posts: 5
Hi eveyone,  

I just lost my backup phrases to my wallet,  but I saved my public and private keys before. Is there any chance to restore my wallet with the public and private keys and with my account ID?

I couldnt find any way to do so,  so I just created another wallet and entered my account ID,  but it's not syncing. I have 0 balance,  but I had 5 tokens.
It gives me this message:

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  • Brady GentileBrady Gentile Posts: 3 admin
    Hi there! Unfortunately at this time, the Hedera Wallet does not allow you to restore your account using the public / private key pair. You can create a new portal login and wallet account (please securely document your 22 word passphrase); this is the most immediate and secure fix to your issue. 

    There may be a point in time in the future where the Hedera Wallet supports updating keys, but we cannot guarantee this for Hedera accounts and wallets set up prior to the update. Hope this helps!
  • bpabpa Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info.
  • titotito Posts: 1
    I saved my phrases ,and reloased wallet,I'm one of first 5000 and have 1000 h but the phrases.for some reason won't work ,I can see my balance on liine,is there any problems with the older wallets of phase 1?

  • bpabpa Posts: 5
    Sorry, but I can't answer your quastion.
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