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Wallet not showing any transactions

I downloaded chrome extension, paired the wallet successfully, and accessed the, and could open and read the articles. However, the wallet and the chrome extension do not show any transactions. The amount of HBAR displayed in the wallet does not change. Can someone help me? thanks a lot. 

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  • @PietroBasel - Please try refreshing the chrome extension and confirming that the hbar balance changes. see the image here for the refresh. Let us know if this does anything to solve the issue:

  • PietroBaselPietroBasel Posts: 4
    When I refresh the chrome extension I pay the fees for this action and the Hbar balance changes accordingly in the account overview. However, when I read the articles on 'The Daily Timestamp' nothing changes. The Hbar balance does not change and nothing is shown in the screen transaction.

  • PietroBaselPietroBasel Posts: 4
    I updated my wallet for the testing phase II, but the problem I brought up before remains. I can open  and read all the articles and watch all the videos on without spending any single Hbar, all for free. The 'recent transactions' doesn't show any transaction and the current balance does not change when I open the articles. It only changes when I refresh the chrome extension (synchronise). There is something wrong somewhere. Can anybody  help?
  • julianrueckerjulianruecker Posts: 2
    same problem here. fyi: i have srware iron browser, linux mint cinnamon 18.3 64 bit (kernel 4.15) everything worked so far (wallet paired as well) except getting paid like pietro wrote. need help pls  :) (sometimes the amount allowed to pay changes to 0, but after changing it back, the extension is green and the amount >0 is still there - so cannot be the problem right?) 
  • PietroBaselPietroBasel Posts: 4
    Thank you, updating the browser solved my problem too. :smile:
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