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On February 20th, Hedera will host the first Annual Assembly in Seoul, South Korea

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The Assembly is designed to be an annual update on the network’s progress over the previous year, serve as a
forum for announcing exciting partnerships, and present the team’s vision for the future. Given the
global nature of distributed ledgers, Hedera intends to host the Annual Assembly in different locations
each year. Asia is an area of important focus, and South Korea a
fitting location for this initial event. Capacity is limited. 

Find list of other events here
For official press releases:


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    @richardnorthcott sorry I didn't understand your question.Sorry for that. Please clarify and I would be happy to answer.
    The assembly was yesterday. Did you watch it? If not, here is the link 

    They've made a big announcement regarding the first 5 Governing board members. Deutsche Telecom, Swisscom and Nomura are among them :)

    I would love to hear from anyone his/her feed back and thoughts regarding this event. 

    To be honest, I was dissapointed that only 5 board members were announced, but I aknowledge to HH team that is very hard to come into a legal agreement with a business entiry and overcome handreds of barriers. 

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