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The Future of Physician Credential Verification with Hedera Hashgraph

Jonathan AnonJonathan Anon Posts: 1 mod
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This post is intended for both newcomers to Hedera, as well as those interested in use cases for hashgraph that touch a subject very close to me, physician credential verification. This particular use case is just as important for the future of healthcare use cases such as prevention of counterfeit drugs, transparency of pharmaceutical supply chains, and clinical trial management.

Disclosure before we proceed with this article: while I am not an Intiva Health investor (more in a second), I am a SAFT investor of Hedera.

With that out of the way, I would like to talk about how what Intiva Health is doing on hashgraph. Intiva Heath is an ICO that debuted last year. Its goal is to make healthcare credentialing more efficient and secure, and it’s built on Hedera and raised thru an ICO on ERC-20. I have been a physician in healthcare for the past 15 years between training and private practice. I have also been Chairman of the Credentialing Committee at 2 hospitals. In that role, every month, myself and a few colleagues would have to comb through the files of new incoming physicians and make sure they were not frauds, or had lingering lawsuits, or really were who they stated with experience and training. It took hours to look through 3" files and confirm every certificate of schooling, etc. We even had to do a background check, pay for a national database search and document it all in some file. It was time-consuming, mundane, insecure and stupid. I hated it. But I did it to participate in hospital governance. I spent at least 3-4 hours a month doing something that paid me nothing for being chairman. But my colleagues and I felt an ethical obligation to go through each and every file to make sure no bad actor was allowed 'privileges' to practice medicine at our hospital. And we all reminded ourselves periodically of those charlatans on American Greed or Dateline that were impostors as doctors and forged all of their medical certificates and document and ended up harming hundreds to thousands of people by their fraud.

Here's a recent article about just such a situation:* (edited)

Inefficiencies in this credentialing process are almost overwhelming! The typical credentialing process for doctors and healthcare professionals can take up to 3 months. So, in our job contracts, we have to give at least a 90-day notice to quit from an employer or risk being sued for damages and the costs incurred to find another doctor - but the typical notice is 2 weeks,

like most jobs require. Intiva Health is trying to fix this inefficient, insecure and slow process. Building a decentralized certification process on hashgraph, physicians can not only be certified in a secure way, but it can literally occur in SECONDS and not 3 months. Yeah. that's incredible! No more combing files for hours on a monthly basis by every hospital in the country to confirm a new doctor. A Hedera state proof showing timestamped "Active" status of ACLS, CPR, certifications, diplomas, licenses, malpractice Insurance, etc. All of this in seconds, and that doctor is approved based on a simple smart contract and the whole process can end with a cost of a few dollars. Right now, we charge $200 a person for the credentialing process. It is an amazing real-world value proposition that has a huge opportunity to reform another internet, record keeping and certification inefficient process.

That's the future I see with Hedera. Hope that helps!


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