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TEST DRAFT - Coming Soon - Weekly DLT Insights

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Weekly DLT insights for 3/28 Test
  1. This week's podcast highlight - We've turned the tables and interviewed Gossip Guy, a community member well known for gossiping about the world powered by hashgraph and the Hedera ecosystem.   Find out what drives Gossip Guy in the podcast here, and become of one of the more than 1000 people who have subscribed to his Youtube channel here:
  2. This week's shoutout goes to Hedera hashgraph ambassadors who represented in Cape Town South Africa!   Check out the article we've tweeted out here: .  It's especially exciting that DLT can potentially help further the United Nations Sustainable Developmet Goals in economic growth and social inclusion by enabling and broadening access to a wide range of financial and other services, critical to the long-term reduction in poverty and achievement of economic growth in Africa
  3. Learn the basics of Smart Contracts!   This week we highlighted a series of tweets promoting quick tech guides.  Find out more here to register and download the smart contracts educational guide:
  4. Looking for a great intro to distributed ledger technologies?  Our second featured education guide this week features an introduction to DLT:
  5. Decentralized applications built on public DLTs are disrupting industries globally! Learn more about game-changing #dapp use cases and how to start building by downloading our intro to decentralized apps!
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