Permission Problem

You don't have permission to do that.

Fun music video from one of our Ambassadors!

We are VERY fortunate to have such an incredible, smart, fun and inclusive community. We are also just as fortunate that our Ambassadors are pretty clever and creative themselves. Check out this quick rendition of the Hedera story with our Ambassador Jesse Demrow out of Wisconsin. Good stuff!


  • scsawallscsawall Posts: 1
    That is the coolest guitar. Allot like my Grandfathers 1954 F7 but with a cutout. Love it. Not sure how old yours is but Grand Dad's survived the Appleton Winters for 15 years in the attic and still plays great. Trust Hedera will last even longer. They sure are starting out right not rolling back the hack like some other unsaid block chains have in the past. 

    Keep on strummin
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