Permission Problem

You don't have permission to do that.

vlog: An Interview with Jesse Damrow of the Hedera Ambassador program - DLT's and Charitable giving

Hear from one of Hedera's Ambassadors, Jesse Damrow, as he shares his experiences as an ambassador, thoughts on DLT and their impact on charitable giving; and, an app he has in ideation phase that will make local charitable giving easy and efficient.


  • rlaracuerlaracue Posts: 1
    I am a CEO and CoFounder of a startup working in a related space.  We are focused on activism and have a prototype that will drop next month.  It is not built as a dApp but that is the long term direction for it.  

    Happy to connect on a call to compare notes.  

    Ray Laracuenta 
    CEO CoFounder
    Oblivion,io Software, LLC
    [email protected]
    archer423 (Discord)
    rlaracue (Telegram) 

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