Permission Problem

You don't have permission to do that.

A market assesment by PwC. Every one should read this

MiriamLiapiMiriamLiapi Posts: 93 mod
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We had to remove this content due to confidentiality issues. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] or me personally at [email protected] Thank you for understanding!!



  • MaiweiyunMaiweiyun Posts: 1 mod
    Download link directs me to the website, not sure where to download there?
  • MiriamLiapiMiriamLiapi Posts: 93 mod
    edited May 3
    @Maiweiyun the link was driving to a landing page of where you could download the paper. You are right, I can't find it either, but luckily I have saved the pdf report. Enjoy 
  • GossipGuyGossipGuy Posts: 8 mod
    Hmm - It looks like this might have come from a client deck in PwC Australia that might not have been suppose to be shared... I noticed this at the bottom of the slide deck, "Confidential information for the sole benefit and use of PwC’s client"

    If this was something available in the public domain, I don't think this would have this disclaimer on it. 
  • MiriamLiapiMiriamLiapi Posts: 93 mod
    @GossipGuy I've noticed too, but it was publicly available a few weeks ago. I will let the Community Admin decide whether to delete it or not. 
  • ALL - we removed the posting content due to the confidentiality issues. Thanks for flagging this @MiriamLiapiand @GossipGuy
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