Permission Problem

You don't have permission to do that.

Why am I getting "Insufficient TxFee" alert?


I'm trying to send some hbars to a friend who just set up a wallet and I keep getting this alert.  It's not letting me perform any operations - sending, refreshing balance, etc.

Can someone help me remedy this?  Thanks very much! Super excited to send my first hbars!


  • jljones534jljones534 Posts: 3 mod
    Do you know if your auto renew period is set to 7890000? To ensure creation of accounts, smart contracts, and files runs smoothly, please add the following to your account transactions (in java) .setAutoRenewPeriod(Duration.ofSeconds(7890000)). This is a fixed duration and other inputs will result in an error. You can read more about in the getting started documents, when you login to y
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