Permission Problem

You don't have permission to do that.

Forkless Cafe Aug 12 - Your DLT insights on the hashgraph community

Sharon CrostSharon Crost Posts: 40 admin

Hedera Highlights
TABConf 2019 - Hedera hashgraph - A Fast, Fair & Secure Public Distributed Ledger - Paul Madsen 
•Every day, millions of people share their #personaldata on the web but have no control of their data. @lumeos_io ;is a decentralized data sharing platform where users can control who accesses their data & set their price on a #data marketplace.  Link here:

Social Sizzlers
ICYMI See Demetri Kofinas from Hidden Forces "In order to be #byzantine, there has to come a point in time, when you've reached #consensus, you know you've reached consensus, and you know, you'll never be wrong. You'll never change your mind. That doesn't happen with blockchain." in Mike Maloney's video here:

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