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How to cold store H bar ,

Sorry, but i would like to buy H bar, im aware to go to Bittrex to buy , however how to store the  Hbar, without leaving on the exchange.
Nano s and x dont offer, and i cant see any paper wallet. I ve looked on the white paper too but didnt see any thing about where and how to cold store the h bar.

Please help if possible


  • Abruzzo26Abruzzo26 Posts: 2
    I looked into this too.  I did find that the Ledger Nano S is going to eventually have HBars added.  There was no time frame given when it will be available.  I've included the link below.
  • NevilleNeville Posts: 1
    From what I’ve found so far, the Hedera Wallet app is probably your safest bet. In one forum someone suggested MyHBarWallet, which I suppose is a third party wallet similar to MyEtherWallet that many are familiar with, but I can’t see any advantage to storing on a third party service that is still essentially a hot wallet.

    I’ve also yet to see any cold wallet generator programs yet, which is unfortunate. I’ve emailed Hedera Support with no results. Love their product, I just wish they’d do a little more to help safeguard early adopters.

    If anyone has any better storage ideas, I’d really appreciate it!
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