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Find a coder

Hi, l am not a coder, but have a new idea on a wallet application. Who and how can l find the right person to talk to about the feasibility of the app?


  • jljones534jljones534 Posts: 3 mod
    Hi, I'm a develop/ambassador my programming experience is limited as I am still studying toward my degree in Computer Science. However, my advice to you would be to construct a document with your idea for a wallet application. Send it to one of the developer advocates, and if you are worry about protecting your intellectual property then be sure to get a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) written up as well. 

    Hope this will help

    Best regards,
    Justin Jones
    Hedera Ambassador
  • craigiveycraigivey Posts: 2
    Thank you Justin for your reply, you have been very helpful, l have been trying to answer to a question, which is, can a dapp be programmed to control one or more apps, and or can a app control a one or more dapp? If you or someone can help me with this l would be very grateful.
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