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HH use cases

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A collection of HH public ledger use cases.  Dapps that are building or have been committed to building on the Hedera Hashgraph platform. 
(You can use this info in your Meetups to inform your audience or be prepared for relevant questions.) 

According to HH Medium post (11.09.18) over 100 dapps that have committed to building on the Hedera hashgraph platform and 5,000 developers actively participating in the Discord channel

Please add info into this list, based on facts and not rumors. 


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    LIST (with no particular order)
    Sagewise is building software to efficiently resolve disputes using blockchains and cryptocurrency; they’re planning on using Hedera Hashgraph to underpin efforts to provide resolution of disputes involving smart contracts. 
    Carbon is a trustless stable cryptocurrency which closely correlates with the US Dollar. They achieve stability through algorithmically adjusting coin supply based on the demand. Carbon promises to offer users a fast, secure, and stable cryptocurrency that is compatible with smart contracts and used globally.
    3. is a global music marketplace for independent artists that enables music streaming micropayments with the JAM cryptocurrency.’s mission is to democratize access to music distribution globally by creating a music economy with micropayments for artists and listeners.
    4. is a gaming developer platform to mint and exchange crypto items. Allowing any game to create and use ownable, non-fungible items to generate revenue and provide an ownable asset to their users.
    Red Swan is a secure platform for investing in high-quality, tokenized commercial real estate assets with the liquidity and security of public markets. One of their goals is to expand the traditional real-estate investor base by tokenizing real estate assets, while providing a single platform that connects buyers, intermediaries, and sellers.
    Cryptotask is a decentralized task marketplace for freelancers, built to disrupt today’s freelancing systems. Through its token-based task market, Cryptotask hopes to solve the problems facing centralized task marketplaces, such as: exorbitant fees, limits on high-value tasks, and slow dispute resolution. Additionally, users of the platform are rewarded for performing certain actions, such as writing task reviews.
    Artbit was created on the premise that fans can harness revolutionary technology to reclaim the power of art. Artbit enables users to offer micropayments to artists performing online, to back their work and show support — revolutionizing the way artists are discovered and compensated. Artbit users can produce live shows and performances through the platform, linking artists’ performance locations to any of Artbit’s virtual stages.

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    I have emailed HH and asked more info regarding other Use Cases. Finding them on my own is like  collecting seeds in the straw. If you feel the opposite, please do try to enreach the list. It would be much appriated and helpful for many of us.  
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    Found them in the DApp section and I add them here as well. 


    Organify is working to bring to market the world’s first publicly accessible food transparency system to be built on a public blockchain powered by Hedera Hashgraph. Their mission is to create a system that enables simple, fast and trusted way for the exchange of goods.



    EarthID is a decentralized Identity Management System that will be used for online or offline authentication across the world. This project is a Hashgraph based Universal ID providing a global identity solution. The user has controlled access to Identity documents which reduces unauthorised access. MyEarth IDs decentralised storage of data on personal mobile devices minimises impact of hacking. The validation of identities for both online and offline services are cost effective and hassle-free.

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    From Mance's presentation in H18.
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    Almond is a platform that aims to create an alternative goods market to better benefit consumers, the planet and purpose driven brands. Our current consumption patterns are fuelling global warming with the products we buy and consume accounting for the majority of our carbon footprint. Almond combines Hedera's DLT with IoT to create an ecosystem that supports ethical brands whilst using tokenomics to reward individuals for consuming them. Almond has launched in partnership with ‘FACT’, an organic flavoured, zero sugar sparkling water.

  • @MiriamLiapi - we are putting the dapp projects that participated in the global hackathon in the Dapp Sec.  Let me know if this is helpful! (We will be adding quite a bit more over the next few weeks.)
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