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Oasis Network

Hey community!

I just came back to my hotel room after attending the Hedera 18 conference. It was truly exciting! There's a lot about Hedera Hashgraph that just feels different and I think it has a bright future ahead of it.

My name is Juan Villaverde. I'm currently working as a DLT analyst at a small US-based Financial Ratings Agency. This what brought me to the conference.

But it's not why I'm writing this post.

There is another project I've been working on for the past 3 years or so. We call it "Oasis", and no, we don't know if the name will stick.

It's a project that I'm working on with some amazing people, most of them based on Germany. The project itself isn't based on crypto but on agricultural technology instead: The founder of the project, called Alexander Mathews has perfected a sub-surface irrigation system that replaces the traditional irrigation methods used in most agro-businesses. 

The perks: Depending on the crop, you save about 80% to 90% in water usage. And you at least double your yield. So you use less resources, and produce more. On top of that, we don't use any agro-toxics on our production pipepline. No toxic chemicals are thrown on the Earth and we even have ways to put carbon BACK in the soil, taking it off the atmosphere and back into the land, where it can serve as a powerful fertilizer.

So what we're talking about here is that for the first time ever, we'd be able to produce organic commodities on a massive scale, and at a LOWER COST than their monoculture-GMO-based counterparts. 

So that whole dilemma where buying organic means spending more money? We think we can fix that. It's ambitious, but we're pretty confident we can do it!

But there's one thing we want to do with this project: We want to implement a token-based economy. We want to create entire self-sustainable eco-villages powered by these technologies and issue crypto-tokens backed by the organic commodities produced in these eco-villages. We want to create a global trading network based on these "tCommodities" as we call them.

There's nothing special there, necessarily, except all this is based on a technology that we know saves costs and dramatically increases production while keeping things chemical-free. That's our competitive advantage. And it has nothing to do with crypto.

We have found ourselves at a dilemma recently, however. We have potential investors in the UK and they'd be willing to invest in a large size project (of at least 10,000 hectares) if we are able to secure the land first. The problem is, those who have the land to spare (usually barren land owned by African nations, since they have no use for it and would gladly let us use it) don't want to lend it to us unless they get a guarantee that the funding will be there. It's a chicken and egg problem.

So why am I reaching out to the Hashgraph community? Because we want to build this on Hedera. We want to start slow. We have a project in Sardegna of about 1,500 Hectares and we want to fund that with a token offering. This token will be a security and it will pay an annual dividend equating 20% of the total yearly production.


This will serve as a proof of concept to both land-owners as well as our potential investors.

Sadly I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to this project. I'm busy learning the ins and out of every distributed ledger protocol and doing my best to accurately rate those (that's my day job). I'm reaching out to this community because we're currently in need of 3 things:

1- Developers who will help us code the actual tokens on the Hedera Platform.
2- Legal experts that will help us determine where and how we should go about issuing a security token to investors.
3- Early investors who are willing to participate in the very first seed-funding round so that we may launch a proper security token, and advertise it to all interested parties.

If you find this interesting, you can find me on [email protected] Or you can reply to this post!

I'm attaching some of our documents (they are all a work in progress!) explaining some of the details of the project! There's really a TON to cover, so anyone interested in this should reach out to me and we can arrange a call with the rest of the team!

Thanks everyone,and a special thanks to anyone who made it this far : )


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