Permission Problem

You don't have permission to do that.

3IE.IO, community FOR Hashgraphers, powered by Hashgraph and Hashgraphers

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Hi All! 

We are super excited about and what we've built and demonstrated at Hedera18's hackathon this week. Here is a little snip summarizing what the 3IE.IO built and will be coming soon to the Hashgraph community! 

What are GAYG Micropayments powered by Hashgraph? 


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    ...and for those of you wondering what the difference is between and the "FARM" concept we're building at 3IE.IO, the simple answer is powered by Hashgraph. Turning it into a true Dapp, where micropayments drive engagement and value to users, reputation capability, and other on-graph decentralization to enrich the user experience, increase transparency, etc. 
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