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Building the Developer Community with a Designated Hedera Hashgraph StackExchange Site

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We’re excited to share the launch of the Hedera Hashgraph StackExchange site, a community-driven Q/A forum for developers from all over the world to learn, contribute and grow the knowledgebase surrounding Hashgraph. 

StackExchange is a community-driven question and answer network for technical topics related to anything from programming to health and fitness. Each of these topics have their own subdomain and community members of these fields explore this site to get their questions answered from leaders in the space. Many of the common questions in scientific fields are answered on their respective StackExchange site, including questions about existing protocols and cryptocurrencies.

In order to alleviate the Hashgraph developers of repeatedly answering the same questions from community members, we have created the Hashgraph StackExchange proposal. Once the proposal is successful, Hashgraph will have its very own site where community members can ask and answer questions, and get rewarded for doing so. The process for becoming a fully fledged StackExchange site has multiple stages and requires an active community over a long period of time, but the end result is being accepted to an exclusive community of like-minded people who will exponentially grow the Hashgraph community.

The proposal has three phases which all require community involvement. We are nearing completion of the first phase, which requires community members to follow the proposal and upvote questions that have less than 10 upvotes already. Once this phase is completed, we will proceed to phase 2, which requires users to simply confirm their commitment to the proposal. The third and final phase is called the Beta phase. This phase is a functional question and answer forum that will allow everyone to get their questions answered by experienced members of the community. This phase will track our activity and determine whether or not we are active enough to have our own site.

We need your help to grow the Hashgraph developer community. Go on this StackExchange site to follow our proposal and upvote relevant questions with under 10 upvotes. We will update this post with our progress as it happens.


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