Permission Problem

You don't have permission to do that.

Cronos - a mobile SDK for incentivizing users within games

Cronos is a dapp was the 1st place winner of the Hedera Hashgraph global hackathon out of the Tel Aviv location. This was submitted by Roey Brecher and Pavel. Cronos helps app & game developer monetize by rewarding their users based on time spent in their app. 

Game credits aren't a new thing. Their disadvantage for the end user is their lack of transferability between different credit systems. There is no way for gamers to trade points between them due to low liquidity and difficulty setting an exchange ratio. 

Value proposition:
Smart tokenization of user's engagement and time spent in the app, using a DLT, can solve the above issue and create a new business model for app & game developers.

Watch the Cronos project presentation given by Pavel here (the presentation deck is attached as well):


  • George_ThielGeorge_Thiel Posts: 4
     Just an IDEA.  Or a request for some of you DAPP builders.  Some of us inverters would like to see an DAPP that wold handle Self managed crypto IRA accounts.  Maybe the checkbook LLC type so as not to have to relinquish our personal Keys.  What you all think.  Is it doable?
  • When assets become liquid and you can trade them between the games this is actually a game changer :-)
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