Permission Problem

You don't have permission to do that.

Probably the best podcast I've heard discussing hashgraph!

For all you podcast lovers out there, check this one out for some DLT gold! 

A recent favourite topic of mine is exponential technologies. However, like many who don't have a software background, I really appreciate anything I can digest in common - everyday language. The host, Dave Asprey and Dr. Leemon Baird do a great job of relating DLT to nature. I have to say relating an algorithm to the chaotic phenomenon of schooling fish, or flocking birds or bats even, is a great way of visualizing something that shouldn't make sense! 

Check it out!

Andrew :)


  • Great. Another fascinating interview. I think it’s impressive how not only is Leemon a natural teacher, and obviously a technical genius, but his kindness and caring shows through.
  • Thanks for sharing this!

    Dave Asprey has really built up an incredible database of knowledge through his compelling interviews with the people he would call "gamechangers" across a wide breadth of topics and industries.  The fact that Leemon is the first person he has interviewed from the cryptosphere speaks volumes, I believe, to the Hashgraph platform that is being created.  Dave has a high-tech Silicon Valley background, yet has not explored the realm of crypto until now and the directions this interview takes are illuminating on many fronts.

    The utility and depth that are emerging from the Hashgraph project are a distinct and distinguished response to the need for real-world solutions.

    I am so interested in the intersection of biology and technology and how this has the potential to forge a brighter path for us, and this podcast does not disappoint in exploring those angles.

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