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How to achieve privacy in Hashgraph?

tjdragontjdragon Posts: 1
How to achieve privacy in Hashgraph?

Most of the popular DLTs have some form of privacy for bi-lateral communication, channels in Hyperledger, ZPK or Perdersen's commitments for others.

What is the equivalent in Hashgraph using the native Swirlds SDK for private DLT deployment and by extension for Hedera?


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  • JRFletcherJRFletcher mod Posts: 8 mod
    Great question tjdragon, I am of the opinion that we should default to privacy whenever possible.  I will toss this question around and see what I come up with. 
  • DanielSzegoDanielSzego mod Posts: 5 mod
    I would propose to make much more considerations on privacy, especially, considering the current customer verification process which is pretty much an overkill for simple testing and application development. 

    Another important question is what makes sure that my identity information is not leaked ?
    What makes sure that an actor running a full node can not analyze my transactions graph and can not assign identity for all of my transactions.  
    What happens if I want to have a trusted identity provider in a specific region ? Like in EU or Switzerland?

    Do not get me wrong, but If the lead developer advocate reveals his private identity documents in a youtube video, it does not really give the impression that privacy is handled seriously. 
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