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Testnet access code?

JRFletcherJRFletcher Posts: 8 mod
edited December 2018 in Hedera Q & A
What is the testnet access code?  Is this different from the HBAR Card unlock code and Hedera Hbar Card number? 

STEP 1: Go to to create a profile and complete your ID verification.

STEP 2: You'll receive an email with HBAR mainnet card activation instructions. 

After compliance approved my ID verification, I am now being asked to enter a testnet access code.  I did not receive an email with further instructions.  Am I supposed to now request a different code?

"Hedera is rolling out testnet access on a case-by-case basis. Please fill out the form below.."

Do I still need to do this even though I was at Hedera 18 and received a card?


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