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HBar disappearing

Doesanyone else have the problem of HBar disappearing from your wallet when you go to refresh either from mobile or through Google Chrome? The more you click refresh the more Hbar I lost. 


  • TaozenTaozen Posts: 2
    A refresh sends a balance query to the network which has a tiny charge
  • ArnoudArnoud Posts: 1
    @cc17201 I was wondering why this was happening, thnak you for the question and answer @Taozen!
  • LaszloLaszlo Posts: 1
    edited January 21
    The node fee gets deducted and transferred to the node you are (the wallet is) addressing with the query. Since this is a query, not a transaction, there should be no transaction and network fee involved.
    I was also wondering for the first time. The amount deducted as a node fee seems to be pretty high for me, too. It is certainly more than what we heard to be the target price of micropayment transactions between 1/100 and 1/1000 hbars. 
    They might be playing around with the parameters for now. It is already the mainnet but there are still a few things which would be different later on - for example the ability to easily earn back the deducted hbars by reading an article on DailyTimestamp, which should actually cost you... :-) 
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