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You don't have permission to do that. – a financial auditing platform built on Hashgraph

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*** is a financial audit platform --built using the latest HH-SDK -- that offers insights into wallet activity and keeps records of current account balances along with historical wallet snapshots. 


How did we get involved with HH?

A few months back my colleague (Chris) pointed me to Hashgraph because he knew that it would interest me, due to Hashgraph's scientific angle, and he signed us up to take part in London's Hedera18 hackathon.  We didn't know much about Hedera and I was reluctant to attend, but a few days before the Hackathon we had news of a successfully completed formal proof using the Coq proof assistant. I've been using Coq extensively a few years back and know how hard it is to get a formal proof, so these HH guys had to be taken seriously.  


At H18

The theme of the Hackathon was micropayments and we entered with a deal-discovery dApp where users got rewarded for discovering and sharing great deals online. We got a working hack through, had a tremendous time at the event, made many great friends, but had to go back to our deal-dApp supporters and sponsors empty-handed because the prize-cow wasn't as easy of a target as we initially anticipated. The competition was fierce and the best entry -- payper -- went on to win the global H18 hackathon.


The aftermath

The deal-dApp went into the freezer and as Christmas approached my HH activity went into hibernation too. When checking back on HH in the last week of January, I noticed that a reward system was put up for reading articles on Once past the KYC, I saw my wallet balance slowly going up and was wondering how well other users are doing compared to my own repetitive compulsive clicking testing. 


Beginning of hash-hash

A leader-board log is a straightforward thing to do with the SDK;  a lot of effort has been put by the HH team to make HH coding as simple as possible. After a few exchanges with @GregScullard, who has a crystal ball with all HH coding answers written on it, we started printing leader-board scores into our system-log. was the next natural step where we shared that very same log with the rest of the community.  


The initial response was quite encouraging and soon we started taking daily snapshots for over 5000 wallets; we're now monitoring and keeping a daily balance history for each wallet under our monitor.  The community soon discovered that there are now enough data to start digging the dataset for more interesting answers. 


The future 

What started as a leader board evolved into an audit tool just within a matter of days, which proves the power and ease of use of the SDK. The support of the community is impressive; we had numerous private messages that requested our account-id to transfer funds into it in order to keep the service running. It costs us a fee to monitor the accounts indeed, however that won't be an issue when mirror nodes become available. Nevertheless, we did have a 500 hBar donation, which allowed us increasing the frequency of our snapshots.


While donations do certainly help, the true HH way of doing things would be accepting micropayments using the native wallet for using the service. It' not just micropayments between end-users and the service that comes into play here but also micropayments among diverse services.  We understand that as HH grows, it will be quite difficult and expensive for us to keep a record of each and every wallet and eventually we would have to buy and share data with similar services, like, which aims to become a blockchain style scanner for HH.  


The true value of payper, and this is why it's such an important contribution, is that it eventually could allow such collaborations to become frictionless and work towards building one coherent ecosystem. We still have a long way to go and we don't know yet what the future will bring, but we'll keep monitoring the progress of HH and will keep listening to the community.  

And remember (miss-quoting Danny DeVito) you heard it here first, off the record, on the QT, and very...


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