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TonyTony Posts: 2
I can't find "pop up" on Chrome Extension. Chrome Preferences is allowing pop ups

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  • JARJAR Posts: 2
    Same problem, but I am not seeing anything on the right hand corner of the browser. (I went to the address you mention.  Chrome says the extension is applied.  But I am not seeing any “popout.”) Upper right corner?  Thank you.
  • JARJAR Posts: 2
    OK, found it - thanks!
  • johnc10v10johnc10v10 Posts: 1
    How do I make the Chrome extension to popup?
    Can't locate the extension on right side of browser.

  • IanWIanW Posts: 2

    Is the extension installed?  You can use Chromes extension manager to confirm. See the pinkish boxes (click tasks) below.  If installed, the entry for the Hedera Browser Extension will need to have the slider (outlined red) over to the right for it to be displayed.

    If not, install the extension from the Chrome Store here

    There's also a chance it has been installed but has been set not to display on the extensions area.  So, if you know it is installed, click on the 'three dots' button, right click on in the extension icon and then click 'Show in toolbar'. (Outlined in blue below)

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