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You don't have permission to do that.

An Important Message Re: Community Testing in Japan / コンプライアンスに関する重要なメッセージ

For residents of Japan. Hedera’s community testing program excludes the participation of Japanese residents due to regulatory compliance.  Hedera takes very seriously the laws and regulations set forth by each jurisdiction, therefore we will not be accepting mainnet account creation, or community testing program participation, for users or applicants that originate from within the country of Japan. 

We understand that this may be unwelcome news for our Japanese based community members and interested individuals, but again, Hedera is dedicated to adhering to the regulations of each jurisdiction.

Thank you for your interest in our program and your continued support of Hedera!







  • JunJun Posts: 1
    Hi there

    An enthusiast from Japan here.

    Just made the account on and I stumbled on this post right before proceeding with KYC on MyVerify so I stopped immediately.


    1. Do I also need to close my account that I created on
    2. Will I still be allowed to make a wallet account?
    3. Is there a plan for Hedera ever be released in Japan? If so, when will that be? And how will we able to participate once it's ready for public?

    Thank you in advance

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