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Can you help me incorporate Hashgraph/hbar into my CBD business?

Hello community!

I have a CBD company in southern VT called Bravo Botanicals.  We are focused on regenerative organic farming practices and CO2 extraction to bring some of the cleanest and most affordable CBD oil to market.  I am very interested in decentralization, as we have seen the effects of overreaching corporate power and control on the bottom line of our business.  We have been shut down by Square and PayPal and have been unable to secure online credit card processing at a reasonable fee structure. 

It is a core part of our mission to provide our products at affordable prices and Hashgraph/hbar will provide us with the means to do so, as we interact directly with consumers via micropayments.  But - I am more skilled in the sunny fields and my knowledge in the digital world is limited.  I consider myself fortunate to have discovered crypto and HH and be on the frontier of a real watershed moment in human history.

So, I am looking to merge two factions - legal hemp and DLT - into an easy-to-use online platform that can advance wellness and liberty.  I am so intrigued by the intersection of agriculture and technology, analog and digital.  My business partner is currently redeveloping our website on WordPress, which I do understand has an HH plug-in.  Is that correct?  Do people have skills in implementing that?

We are also interested in using the Hashgraph DLT to provide full transparency for our processes, from seed-to-shelf.  We are aiming to be a reputable company that elevates the status of CBD/hemp across the industry and have had tremendous response during our first year in business.  However, we are looking forward to the next edge, where all the magic happens.

I consider myself an educator and have learned that talking to folks about CBD and sharing the information about it is a huge part of bringing it mainstream.  I anticipate doing the same for micropayments and DLT, specifically HH as I anticipate the team delivering on the ambitious plan they have laid out.  I fully expect to launch some video tutorials that will acquaint people to processing payments this way, once it is all live and happening.

Do you have any suggestions for me as we move into uncharted territories?  Ideally, we would be ready to receive hbar micropayments when the coin goes live next month.

I look forward to hearing from such a progressive community that I believe is on the cutting edge of a real revolution.  Cheers!



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