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Feedback on Android wallet app

si618si618 Posts: 2
With the Hedera Wallet app on Android, if you go to request or pay and "Add note" there's no obvious way to complete the transfer, as the keyboard sits over the pay button or QR/send buttons when requesting. Unticking "Add note" closes the keyboard and seems to keep the note, but isn't intuitive.

It might be my lack of understanding w.r.t. closing android keyboards, but it looks like it's due to the note field being multi-line, so instead of the next field button available in bottom right of keyboard in most forms, you get CRLF button instead.

Aside from an initial crash, app has been stable and looks good, although it appears fingerprint and p.i.n verification are mutually exclusive, which isn't obvious. If they can only be one or the other, or none at all, then a UI tweak might be good. One approach could be once one verification method is enabled, its menu label changes from "Enable ..." to "Disable ..." which would allow you to turn off both methods, or toggle between them, and also know which one is enabled.

 fwiw, I'm on vanilla Android 8.1.0.

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