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Solidity Smart Contracts

Is there a focal point for sole discussion on solidity SCs 


  • johnda98johnda98 Posts: 6
    hint, tips, any know issues, precautions, version control on filestore for SCs etc.
  • I'd make sure to check out our Github repo with the Hedera SDK where you can get up and running using the Hedera network for your Solidity smart contracts:

    Issues, instructions, and version of the SDK will be maintained in that repo.

    It will also give you access to documentation and demos for how to get started.
  • johnda98johnda98 Posts: 6
    VisionG8 test ERC20 superset SC is on testnet .. its still alive.. 2 hour autorenew... fooooorever.  Contract ID# is 1137  deployed to testnet #102
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